The hCG Diet: Two Things You Must Know

The hCG Diet: Two Things You Must Know

The hCG Diet: Two Things You Must KnowHCG diet is a weight loss product that contains homeopathic ingredients that work effectively to produce a good weight loss effect. It contains a low calorie diet that is combined with the oral better than HCG diet to trigger the hypothalamus to release abnormal fat stores. In addition to burning abnormal fats, the better than HCG protocol assists the dieter in modifying their eating habits for long term weight loss and maintenance.

HCG diet contains a formula that flushes harmful toxins and fats from the body as it suppresses appetite. It incorporates a 1000-calorie diet that triggers fast weight loss and reduces the weight back propensity. It is made up of homeopathic ingredients that work together to burn fat, reduce appetite, flush toxins and boost metabolism.

What is the HCG Diet

  •  Ammonium Bromatum: a proven obesity fighter.
  •  Nux Vomica: gets rid of harmful body toxins that bar the body from releasing abnormal fats.
  •  Calcarea Carbonica: has proven to fight excess fat even in people with poor nutrition.
  •  Thyroidium: works well to boost metabolism and flush out fats.
  •  Stages of the better than HCG diet

 Phase 1

hcg diet plan1This stage is also known as the loading phase. It takes place during the first two days of taking the better than HCG diet drops. This phase allows you to eat normally, including foods like; chocolates, butter and bread. It prepares your body to adapt the HCG diet with readily accessible fat while loading up the Ultra6 diet drops. It also allows the better than Hcg drops to aim and attack the abnormal fat when you get to the second phase. It's key in determining the success of the diet. It's administered by taking 1.25ml of the diet drops before taking any meal.

 Phase 2

hcg diet plan2This phase also known as the protocol or the low calorie diet phase, begins on the third day. At this stage, all the guidelines and specifications must be adhered to always. Consuming a larger food ration than allowed or foods that are prohibited may result to weight gain. This stage involves consumption of three meals a day that contain few calories. Ensure that you drink a minimum of about 10 to 13 glasses of water, three diet sodas and three crystal lite glasses daily. Sugary substitutes and caffeine substances like coffee and tea are highly discouraged as they promote weight gain through hunger stimulation. Alcohol is allowed only when consumed sparingly.


Does HCG Diet Really Work?

HCG diet is a safe product since it is manufactured in the USA at an FDA approved facilities. It works like the normal HCG hormone to trigger the hypothalamus, which assists the body to get rid of excess fat. The best thing about this diet is that, it's very flexible and allows the dieter to exercise. When exercising, ensure that you consume more calories to offset the calories that are burnt during exercise. Nonetheless, vigorous exercise is highly discouraged since it slows down the weight loss process. It is important to prepare yourself mentally and physically before embracing the HCG weight loss diet. In most cases, the diet takes about 30 days.


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