hCG Diet

HCG Diet: Weight Loss Fact or Fiction?

hCG DietDeveloped by leading scientists with clinical tested results, HCG Drops weight loss program “guarantees” weight loss results with daily weight loss increments of ½ lb to 3lbs when used as directed. With no harmful side effects noted or reported, HCG Drops weight loss program use of all natural ingredients is 100% safe with dramatic weight loss on a continual twenty-four (24) hour basis, seven days a week. Self-administered in the privacy of an individual’s home, the oral, liquid composition of HCG Drops requires no prescription or refrigeration with an expected shelf life of up to three years.

When compared to other similar weight loss products, HCG Diet maintains a higher rate of success in weight loss, dramatically transforming and restoring individuals lives in epic proportions. Available only online through authorized distributor’s websites, HCG Diet is backed by an unprecedented 90-day, 100% refundable purchase price guarantee for product quality assurance and achievement of weight loss goals. Where other weight loss products offer “false-hopes and dreams”, HCG Diet delivers on a consistent basis with millions of overweight individuals worldwide achieving dramatic weight loss results.

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HCG Drops: The A-Z Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

HCG is a hormone naturally produced by pregnant women during the early stages of pregnancy. HCG Drops, which are marketed as weight loss supplements, are synthetic forms of the hormone, which means they've been created in a laboratory setting to mimic the effects for weight loss. HCG drops are over-the-counter supplements that come in bottle form. You simply ingest a drop or two twice a day for a cycle of 23 or 40 days, follow the diet protocol that comes with it, and in 1 month's time, lose an average of 30 pounds. Sounds too good to be true? Well, a lot of critics actually say so, probably because they've never tried it.

When you start using the drops, you also have to follow a strict diet plan, which comes with your purchase. This diet plan consists of 500 to 800 to 1200 daily calorie restrictions, as well as a list of foods to avoid and food items to have in each meal. There are two diet phases, which are 23 days and 40 days of the weight loss protocol, and you can choose which one to follow based on how much weight you want to lose.

Manufactured in the USA in FDA approved-licensed facilities, HCG Drops is a proven, clinically tested product to lose an unlimited amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. Available in liquid form with daily self-administered doses, HCG Drops is a practical way to restore a healthier body with gradual improvement of mild to severe present health conditions. With greater emphasis placed on physical appearance than ever before, HCG Drops begins to reduce weight quickly in a few weeks for those with excessive a pre-determined higher weight loss total, or gradually over a longer period of time for those who desire to lose only a few pounds. Containing no mind-altering drugs or steroids, HCG Drops is the E-Z way to a healthier lifestyle.

How Dose HCG Diet Work

HCG Diet is formulated and specifically designed for those individuals who suffer from obese conditions or generally overweight. When taken, HCG Drops works in conjunction with stored fats found in the body to provide nutrients without additional intake of unhealthy foods. Used as a standard treatment for overweight individuals since the 1950’s in clinics across America, HCG Drops record of success in the reduction of overweight conditions has produced dramatic weight loss results that remain un-contested by any other similar weight loss product. When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended dosages, HCG E-Z drops begin to work immediately twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days a week without disruption of current lifestyles or other commitments.

Pros of HCG Drops

Total commitment to the consumer and “free” support to achieve individual weight loss goals remains the priority of HCG Drops manufacturers. Where the pros (positives) far outweigh no reported cons (negatives), HCG drops weight loss program offers:

•           Complete “free” dieting kit with all HCG Drops orders.

•           “Free” online membership with valuable information on weight management and helpful hints to achieve weight loss goals.

•           Rapid weight loss with visible results in the first week.

•           HCG Drops weight loss program requires less time, with six week, not months or years, cycles.

•           No harmful side effects noted or reported.

•           No prescription required.

•           No doctor appointments required.

•           Exercise program is not required; however greater results are often obtained with the implementation of a regular exercise program.

•           Affordable with additional, un-advertised online savings.

HCG Diet weight loss program may appear to be stringent with daily calorie intake of 500 calories however is easily adaptable to all current and on-going overweight conditions with relative ease. Where complete dedication of the afflicted overweight individual is mandatory, HCG Drops will reduce overweight conditions as noted however will remain less effective without total commitment to the HCG Drops program of which it is intended.

Consumer Reviews

With ever-growing popularity from coast-to-coast, present consumers of HCG Drops weight loss program have achieved remarkable weight loss results. Formulated to reduce present weight with increments of ½ lb to 3lbs per day, HCG Drops weight loss program keeps the weight off even after weight loss goals have been met. Compelling reviews taken from actual consumers of HCG Drops weight loss program include:

“lost 6.4 lbs in 5 days”!-Ronnie S

“Starting day 6 and have lost 9.5 pounds.”-Edward D.

“I’m down 4.6 pounds in 2 days”!-Shawna P.

With thousands of positive recommendations available for immediate review at authorized online distributor HCG Dietwebsites, HCG drops weight loss and management program continues to be one of the top recommended weight loss products on the market today.

Savings Potential

Available only online through authorized distributor websites with the use of a major credit card, HCG Drops weight loss program offers three (3) ordering options to accommodate even the most restricted budgets. From $59.95 for one bottle of HCG Diet designed for those who seek to lose 1-2 pounds per day during the normal six (6) week cycle, to those individuals who seek weight loss gains of forty (40) pounds or more for $137.00, HCG Drops offers a complete package that is designed to coincide with all individual weight loss requirements. Other HCG Drops packages include weight loss packages designed to lose 20-40 pounds for only $97.00.

As is the case with all HCG Drops orders shipping is “free” backed by a 90 day, 100% fully refundable purchase price guarantee. Included in all HCG Drops shipments is a “free” HCG Drops success guide and weight tracker designed to keep the individual on track in achieving weight loss goals. With enclosed valuable recipes designed to coincide with the use of HCG Drops weight loss program, losing unwanted pounds has never been easier with grater results than previously thought possible.

Starvation dieting alone often produces less than desired results and often is a result of additional weight gain from “binge eating”. With a practical and realistic approach in the reduction of overweight conditions with astounding weight loss results, there remains a viable and proven method to reduce weight naturally, consistently and continually with HCG Diet weight loss program, the E-Z way to a healthier lifestyle.