Hcg 1234

Review of HCG 1234

hcg-12341-219x154HCG diet 1234 is an energetic diet supplement intended to trigger fast weight loss. It contains keenly chosen amino acids and herbal extracts like; Rhodiola, Pygeum, Maca and Astragalus that boost fat metabolism and subsequent provision of important nutrients in the body. The purpose of HCG 1234 diet is to assist dieters to lose an average of one to two pounds a day, through burning the abnormal body fats while maintaining the muscles and perfect body weight. It contains three unique calorie diets, which include the 500, 800 and 1200 diet plans that a dieter can undertake.

 The 500 HCG 1234 calorie diet anticipates to assist the dieter lose at least one pound a day. The 800-calorie diet intends to assist the user to lose about 1.2 pounds a day, minimize cravings, prevent hunger and bar stalling. The 1200 HCG calorie diet is the latest HCG diet innovation. It is designed for the unique dieters who aim at losing at least one pound daily while engaging in any form of exercise. Just like the 800-calorie diet, the 1200-calorie diet prevents hunger, bars stalling and minimizes cravings.

 HCG diet 1234 phases

hcg diet plan1hcg diet plan2 For effective results, the three HCG 1234-calorie diets ought to be executed in four diverse phases that include:

 The load phase: this is the very first phase and is designed to last for two days. The dieter is required to take ten drops of HCG solution every 30 minutes before meals. At this phase, the dieter is allowed to eat as much fatty foods as possible.

 The reduction phase: this phase lasts for about 31 days. The dieter is required to adopt the 500, 800 or 1200-calorie diet and weigh himself/herself every morning to monitor the effectiveness of the HCG diet 1234.

 The stabilization phase: this is the third diet phase and it requires the dieter to gradually add more food to their daily diet but keep the starch and sugar levels low. It lasts for 21 days and the dieters ought to weigh themselves every morning. Due to the gradual food addition, the dieter is bound to gain about two pounds or more. When this happens, the stabilization phase recommends a steak day, which is a day the dieter takes water during the day, consumes steak for dinner and a tomato or apple for dessert.

 The lifestyle phase: being the final HCG 1234-diet phase, it aims at challenging the dieter to maintain healthy and reasonable food choices and rations.

 How HCG diet 1234 works

hcg-complex-work HCG 1234 is taken orally by putting a few drops of the solution under the tongue. It is immediately absorbed into the blood stream and prompts the abnormal fats to provide a consistent and workable flow of essential nutrients with a reduced calorie intake. HCG 1234 utilizes excess fat to provide small carbs and lean protein without any fatty acids. This reduces hunger sensations and craving hence weight loss.

 HCG diet 1234 is ideal for everyone because; it is easy to use, contains clear user guidelines and is relatively affordable. Unlike other weight loss products, HCG 1234 boosts stamina, energy and sleeping levels. This makes it a unique product that should be embraced by any obese or overweight person who anticipates losing weight within the shortest time possible.


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