HCG Drops FAQ's

 Despite the huge HCG diet publicity, there are always some common questions that people ask frequently. Most of these questions aim at clarifying the usage and safety of HCG diet. Below are some of the questions that most potential users ask about HCG diet.

 What is HCG?

 HCG is a natural glycoprotein hormone that is produced by a developing embryo right after conception and later on by the placenta. It controls metabolism during pregnancy via the hypothalamus. However, the HCG that is used in HCG diet is a disparity of the HCG that is used to treat fertility but in much lesser dose. All the HCG that is used for medically is natural but created from sterile cells in the laboratories.

 What are the essential preparations for HCG diet?

 Before commencing the HCG diet treatment, you ought to undertake a blood test to determine your general health. This test should be conducted by a qualified physician. On the other hand, injections do not require any preparations. All that is required is to follow an explicit sterilizing process and particular steps that minimize discomfort during and after injections.

 When should the treatment start?

 Men are allowed to start treatment after the blood results are released. Women should commence treatment after menstrual periods and discontinue during the menstrual period but still adhere to the low calorie diet.

 Who is HCG diet ideal for?

 Most men, women and children are qualified to use HCG diet but, it is always advisable to consult a physician before beginning the weight loss program. Pregnant or nursing women must not use the diet.

 Why not follow the 500 calorie diet without HCG diet?

 The body contains three different fat stores:

 Normal fat it is where the body draw energy when needed.

 Structural fat it is essential for the general health and well being of a person. It protects a range of organs like; arteries and bony prominences.

 Abnormal fat this is the excess unwanted fat that causes people to be obese.

 HCG diet combined with the 500 calorie diet aim at eliminating the abnormal fat. If used alone, the 500 calorie diet will use up the normal fat, structural fat and muscles. This can affect your well being and general health adversely and cause excessive hunger.

 Does HCG keep the weight off?

 After completing the HCG diet, your appetite and eating behavior will have changed remarkably. It helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle that involves consuming less starch and fatty foods to maintain a healthy size and weight.

 What makes HCG diet to stand out?

 HCG diet is scientifically invented with specified amounts of ingredients and nutrition that work together to assist the dieter loss weight fast. It utilizes natural ingredients that suppress appetite, supplement energy and optimize weight loss naturally.

 Are there any side effects of using HCG diet?

 When HCG diet is used for weight loss, there are rarely any side effects reported. However, when used for fertility purposes, it causes irregular headaches and other symptoms that are associated with pregnancy. This is because, the HCG amounts used in diet shots and fertility shots vary significantly in terms of quantity.

 What is the right storage for HCG diet?

 HCG diet drops should be stored away from direct heat and light. You could store in a refrigerator though it's not a necessity. Refrigeration keeps HCG fresh for long periods.