Dr.Oz and HCG diet

Dr.Oz and HCG diet

ssdThe HCG is a diet supplementary plan. This stands for Human Chronic Gonadotropin. The HCG was first discovered in 1927 and in 1950's a doctor discovered that it had the ability and could be used to repress appetite and encourage weight loss. The strange thing about this diet supplement is its origin. HCG is a hormone used to stimulate genital development of the unborn fetuses. It is exclusively found in the urine of pregnant women and regardless of this revolting origin it really works as weight loss stimulant. As the numbers of individuals battling obesity in the United States keep increasing, this has led to its explosive growth and use.

Dr. Oz HCG diet has various benefits to the users as discussed below:
1. Weight loss
HCG is known to suppress appetite combined with low calorie intake which assist in weight loss.

2. Easily accessible over the counter
Anyone in need of HCG can get it easily over the counter where it's given in form of drops placed under the tongue.

3. HCG reduces feelings of hunger
Due to the reduced feelings of hunger; one is able to eat very little comfortably. It is believed to take away appetite.

4. It helps the body to make more hormones
HCG is a pro-hormone and helps the body to make more hormones. Weight gain been mostly as a result of hormone imbalance, due to this pro-hormone feature it hinders weight gain.

Although the idea of HCG may seem so exciting and easy to go with, it can pose a great risk to life and even lead to death if abused. HCG should never be taken without doctor's recommendation despite its easy availability over the counter and the internet and one should not take high amounts due to the risk of starvation. Starvation may lead to destruction of muscles and fat which keeps the body a life.

HCG diet is all available over the counter where one can get it in form of drops and you can also order for it online. It is all easy to use and one can administer it at home with a little physical exercise to achieve the weight of your dreams. It is a good deal to go for all you need is to be careful to avoid starvation.


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