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HCG EZ Drops Reviews

dsasThe only natural weight loss product in the market scientifically proven to help you lose between 1 to 2 pounds per day, HCG has become the fastest-selling and most effective solution in the market. HCG EZ Drops, a leading brand in the industry, promises to shed excess weight in as little as 21 days – guaranteeing that you and your doctor will truly be amazed with its incredible results.

Let's take a deeper look into the workings of of this product so you, too, can make an informed decision just like the thousands and thousands of HCG dieters who continuously use HCG EZ Drops today.

An Overview of HCG EZ Drops


The brand is entirely US-based, with each product manufactured and bottled in facilities that are FDA-approved and cGMP certified. These standards assure consumers that production facilities are safe, clean, and adhere to the stringent standards set in the industry.

lindsay_testimonialHCG EZ Drops are 100% all-natural, which makes them generally safe to take by just about anyone. However, those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and have current medical conditions are not ideally suited to use the product.

HCG stands for human chroionic gonadotropin, which is naturally found in the urine of pregnant women. Pharmaceutical laboratories over the years have come up with lab-manufactured and non-hormonal HCG that provides the very same effects of the hormone but without isolating it from actual urine.

HCG EZ Drops come with a protocol – an 800 and a 1200 protocol that's provided with each package purchase. The protocol lasts for 21 days for a minimum of 21 pounds of lost weight. For dieters who wish to lose more weight, the diet can be extended to 40 days, followed by a rest period of 6 days, and the individual can go back to the process once again for more weight loss.

Pros and Cons of hCG Drops

Let's start with the product's advantages. Here is a list of the drops' pros:

  • >All-natural and less risk for side effects
  • >As a homeopathic solution, it is proven safe for home-use and does not require a prescription
  • >Can be used with a vegetarian's diet
  • >Comes pre-mixed so it's ready to use in the bottle – no need for other preparations
  • >Does not require refrigeration versus injectables, which means you can carry the bottle around with you during the day or when traveling
  • >Proven to shed excess weight between 1 to 2 pounds per day without the help of exercise
  • >Limits calorie intake without making you hungry or lethargic


  • >Colon cleansing is needed before you start the protocol
  • >Limiting your calorie intake daily to only 800 or 1200 may be a drastic change for many
  • >Several food items are not allowed for consumption during the diet, which includes alcohol, sugar, coffee, or dairy. In other words, the food items you can consume are limited to proteins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
  • >Constipation is expected with reduced food intake – there's a need to increase daily fiber consumption
  • >Only light to moderate exercise is allowed – the types of exercises allowed can be seen at the brand's official website

The general advantages of the product revolve around its safety and efficacy while its disadvantages lie in its stringent requirements that involve a major lifestyle change.

HCG EZ Drops Reviews – Easy Weight Loss Guaranteed

Benefits and What to Expect


The biggest expectation you have with this product is the rapid weight loss. Because you are consuming a very low daily calorie intake, you will be losing a lot of pounds. It's fast and dramatic and it's due to your reduced food intake.

HCG-Diet-PlanMany critics say that the weight loss in HCG drops is caused by the drastic diet and not the HCG itself – well, quite frankly, it's actually true. Say for example your daily calorie intake is 2500 calories. When you start using HCG EZ Drops, you will have to reduce this to 800 to 1200 calories per day, which will absolutely shed excess weight.

However, if you only do the diet but without the drops, your body will go through starvation mode and you will experience cravings, hunger, fatigue, and other physical and psychological problems. HCG solves these physical consequences through its mechanism of converting fat into calories that your body uses for energy.

HCG works with either an 800 or a 1200 calorie diet. The reduced daily calorie intake is responsible for the weight loss, but the HCG is responsible for making weight loss possible. HCG targets your stored fat deposits to convert into calories – from about 1200 to 3000. This means that when HCG produces 1200 calories from your stored fat, your body will only need to consume another 1200 calories more so you are able to function properly throughout the day.

The diet can be done in a 21-day cycle but can also be extended to 40 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose. If you follow the protocol for 21 days, you can expect to lose at least 21 pounds of excess weight.

Where to Get HCG EZ Drops

The product is currently sold through their official website. All the information you need, as well as a number of testimonials and success stories from actual users can also be found on the site. All these will help you decide whether or not the product is for you.

You can choose from 4 different package choices offered at the site. These are:


All of these packages come with a free priority shipping in the US, comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, and comes with an 800 or 1200 diet protocol. Packages 2-4 come with a free consultation with a US-based doctor named Dr. Kepoo, who can answer any of your questions regarding the diet and your weight loss issues.

The product is all-natural and the only side effects reported were mild headaches during the first days of use. No other adverse side effects is known, but for people below the age of 18, or those who have a current medical condition, or pregnant/breastfeeding must refrain from using the product.

Just like any diet program, it is always wise to consult with a physician before trying anything even if it's an all-natural solution or program for weight loss.

If you want to lose weight with the commitment to change your diet and without having to go to the gym to follow an exercise regimen, then HCG EZ Drops is an ideal weight loss solution that can help you get started with your weight loss goals.